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  • Tools: Cinema4D, Paint Shop Pro, Makehuman
Roman gladiators, the entertainers of the ancient world, heroes to some. Mostly they were slaves that did not choose what they had became. Handed over to the moods of a raging, faceless mob, to the decision of their thumbs, their fate was death so often. In my composition, arm and gladius of the defeated warrior cut the world into two halves: the free romans, making choices over life and death, and the sand of the arena (well, "arena" is "sand literally in latin). I used "Makehuman" for the base meshes of everything human (;)), the only other "foreign" object was the eagle statue downloaded from http://www.archibaseplanet.com.

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  1. The composition looks great for a shoot in a movie, but I think there are some things to improve again :
    -The pants of the gladiator is too tight, and the belt looks like more clay instead of leather.
    – You could make your own statue, even if there were less details, it’s your work and you improve your skills in the main time.
    -The emperor seems to have his hand flat, and not with a thumb down. The blur doesn’t help in this direction, we don’t really see fingers are bent.

    Keep it up ! ;)

  2. Thx for your comment, Mickael. Some explanation from my side is needed, it seems :)
    The “important guy” (emperor, senator, it doesn’t really matter) has not yet made up his mind how to “vote”, so his thumb is in a neutral position (I think it is noticable even with the blur), neither has the fat guy besides him that would not dare to vote before his superior.
    The blur is necessary, IMHO, because I wanted the crowd to be “faceless”, not really individuals. And how they voted this time also did not really matter, because now or later, the gladiator would lose and be voted to die anyway. No winner in this game.
    As for the leather, it’s dusty leather, but I guess that’s a matter of taste. And I also don’t think that one foreign but proper model like the eagle statue could do harm in this image, at least I am admitting to having used it ;)
    Well, there’s always room for improvement, but in the end each project has to be finished at some point.

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