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Welcome to my life! This dumbass here is me. Thanks to Hypertube for recording and broadcasting everything with those dawn drones, following us everywhere for the sake of people's entertainment. At least, that is what the government sells us, for me, it's just a way to control people, but anyway... it's because of this, that I became the joke of the known worlds. My 5 secs of fame! Not what I wished to be known for. Well... at least until people forget the incident or another dumbass goes viral on the network.

Me and my girl went for a ride in the mountains, here in Earth 2.0, on our flying pods. I just had gotten my new machine and decided it would be perfect for a test drive. Oh man, things were really going well until she asked me for a spin on my ride. I was reluctant, but you know girls, they have a way to get everything they want. She jumped in and i was explaining her.

- This is a different class of pod, it as more power and a different set of controls. you know the typical recomendations, go easy on it, don´t try fancy tricks.

She turned the turbo thruster mode on, you know... i just got taken with her, i am guessing she thought we were explorers and together we would travel the worlds in our flying pods, going through inhospitable places, to see worlds, searching for signs of life and hopes of a better life ahead... that or the fact i told her that her sister was really hot!

Guess what, i just got screwed she dragged me for miles while i hold on for my life, until she crashed my baby pod ruining it beyond repair, giving this greatest show to the universe for everyone´s amusement. What I got from it was, a nomination for the hypertube most stupid crashes, one broken arm and two 2 fractured ribs. You way say I got lucky and it coulda been a lot worse, but I just don't feel it that way. I can't even go out in the street without people pointing at me, like that little prick across the street saying, hey mom isn't that the jackass from hypertube.

I hate social drones :(

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