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Mustang Shelby – “Desert Raider”

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  • Tools: 3DS Max, Vray, Photoshop

Hello all! I´m Pedro Furet, I´m from Portugal but I live and work in Finland as a 3D Generalist freelancer.

There are very few cars that I really like the design, and Mustang is one of them. I love the robustness and feeling of brute power it transmits and I always wanted to create a project based on it. Everything was modeled in 3DS Max, materials produced and rendered with Vray and post production with Photoshop.

The feeling of traveling in a barren land, in the seat of a modified metal beast, adapted to the unbearable conditions of the harsh environment of a world that we may some day even experience, was the concept and idea behind this image.

It was great fun to produce this image and I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Hard to avoid parallels with Marek Denko’s buggy series, still a solid work and quality execution – best wishes!

  2. Amazing job !! In my opinion the best render in the competition. It is very realistic, a difficult thing in a dirty environment and with a modified model.

  3. oh, well done…

  4. Go Jidanet!!! Bester render wihout a doubt and i m a pro in this area !!! No win = NO Justice !!!

  5. Flawless work !! outstanding execution !!

  6. Thank you for the comments and the criticism, I really appreciate it!

  7. I love the work and desert, lighting is perfect!

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