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Preparing the nighttime shooting

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  • Tools: Cinema 4D R17, Adobe Photoshop CC, Nikon D810, Adobe Lightroom CC
Hi all, in my younger times i always dreamed to be a automotive photographer. Now many years later, I'm behind the camera as well as infront of the 3D workstation. this render is a tribute to the agency which hired me in the beginning of this year - without any limits! so the freelance time is over now but the jobs will become grater than ever. ... With a special thanks to satware!

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  1. Thanks to Mathias. Great 3D job.

  2. Nice work, welcome on board!

  3. fine work, my friend…

  4. Realy great work.

  5. fantastic work, i love the little details and the reflections

  6. Wow, i am impressed. Nice Work!

  7. Excellent work!

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