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Take your Car and GO

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  • Tools: Sketchup Make, Rhino, Blender, Maxwell Render, Photoshop

Every car anywhere have its simple or very important story and people are making their stories with their cars; everyone has the freedom to look at any car and imagine his story. I choose this Audi R8 because i like this beautiful car and this is the best free model i found i just added small details. In a beautiful place, beautiful and pleasant spring morning, quiet atmosphere with a great car Audi R8, the most beautiful thing is driving this car, wandering and enjoy.

Model of Audi R8 created by : Neubi

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  1. great work – thx for compliment ;-)

  2. Thanks Neubi ; your model is excellent :)

  3. Is not a real car this?! Waw, dont tel me that’s a computer work!
    I give you 20/20 (100/100)

  4. Thank you my friend Bachir :)

  5. Well i’ll give it a 8/10 rating. The render is just not creative enough. But, I can’t imagine all the tools you used. Great job!

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