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3DModels is 3D modeling company and created all models at the store

Since 2005 3DModels helps 3D artists from more than 80 countries to save time on 3d modeling and makes realistic 3D models, which are used in movies, video games, AR-apps, and visualizations. We offer our customers the best combination of price and quality. All models are verified by lead 3D artists, who check their compliance with professional requirements and up-to-date 3D modeling standards.


We are the #1 in 3D Modeling

Cars: biggest collection in the world

We have the largest collection of 3D cars in the world with more than 9000 vehicles and 700 plus brands. Here you can find any car, from the first ones to the latest cars from motor shows. Every week add 25 new car 3D models to the library, each of them passes through the stages of research, modeling, and rendering.

Electronics: biggest collection in the world

If you have heard about new phones coming out, their 3D models should have already appeared in our store. Earlier and faster than others we give you the opportunity to launch an advertising campaign.

Weapons: biggest collection in the world

A special team of artists is specialized in creating detailed weapon 3D models from all over the world. As of today, we are able to comply with any shooting game demands, regardless of the subject and epoch.

Coming soon

3DModels team is actively developing other types of products. For example, military equipment, aircraft, and animals. We've been working hard on these models; therefore we're confident that you can find the necessary product here in no time.

Hours spent on the modeling
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Quick Facts

The studio was created in 2005. At the very beginning, we just wanted to draw a couple of models of classic cars for ourselves to make an animation. But we were so fascinated by the process of modeling that it was impossible to stop and now we have more than 7000 car 3D models - no one has more than we have :)

Our first car was a Peugeot 207. If you have bought it, please be sure to write us your comments

For each model we offer many additional services: the model can be printed, added to a game or placed on a wallpaper. We also provide free model conversion to PSD and to many other formats that are useful for designers. By the way, you can also find some blueprints on 3DModels and order them in vector file format.

More than 50 professionals from different countries work in our company. Therefore, our company can be really called

Compare us with other 3D libraries.


Since 2013, we have organized a competition on modeling for 3D artists. We try to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves, no matter how long they are working in this field. The renders of our winners are permanently published in 3DArtist magazine. Our eminent sponsors, including V-ray, Keyshot, Marmoset, Allegorithmic and many others, provide winners with prizes. We hope that by doing this big organizational work we helped a large number of 3D artists to open up and find themselves.

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Thank You! The game model is a little low poly, but I have taken parts off the non-game model and added it to the game model, to improve it. Other then that, it is great. Thanks Team! Will use your service again some time soon! Matt
Thank you, The model looks really great and authentic... Best regards, Gerry
Both models came out great. Thanks so much for such a quick turn around. We'll be doing business in the future. Tony
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