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Hello! This article opens a blog about 3D Modeling and other interesting stuff. Nevertheless, as all good work starts with a break this blog begins with a preface, where we are going to introduce you what we will post here and why. We will update it regularly, so we hope you will enjoy it.


Periodically, there will be some professional and non-professional jargon. It is not because of the ignorance of the author, but because we want to save some time. In fact, professional slang describes some features much better.

In this blog, we are going to follow the automobile subject. Despite the seeming simplicity of this subject, there are a lot of hidden problems and features, which we are going to explain. Actually all these nuances are multipurpose and all the rules of vehicle modeling can be applied to modeling of any other technique, interior and exterior. Some of these nuances are also present in the modeling of animals. Sometimes we will also review some news from the 3D world. They don’t have to be only about vehicles. Just some news, which we may consider as important or interesting. From time to time, we are going to post some modeling lessons where we will not only explain how to do the elements, but will give some advice for beginners, because they often repeat the same mistakes that they have seen in the other lessons. In this blog, our goal is to share the experience and practical examples. Often we will just express our opinion about development of the industry. In fact, blogs are made for that.

So, as this is an introduction, let’s start with a discussion.

Who is a 3D artist? Is this a person or just a machine? What is the difference between 3D artist and painter? Painters seek to depict a vivid scene on a canvas. 3D artists seek to do the same thing but only in a digital form using 3D Computer Graphics (CG). By itself, the word “artist” has a very wide meaning and one of these meanings is a master at his craft. But how can digital form show all the nature’s diversity? For this, you have to put your heart into your creations! People intuitively respond to something that on the opinion of their subconscious deserves a great respect for the work done. But it’s not as simple as it may seem. For the qualitative performance, you need a lot of special knowledge, breadth of which allows 3D artist to make extraordinary projects. Without extensive knowledge in this field specialist becomes a patterner, just a printing machine for the production of 3D models. These “professionals” stay on the same level ignoring the progress. Let’s differentiate 3D CG artist and patterner, though their work is also often needed. We will strive to become 3D artists in the sense of master at our craft.

We agree that 3D artist sounds proudly. Still you have to deserve this name. Before you call yourself so loudly, think three times, exactly three times. If you want to become a 3D professional, you need to think three times. You have to make actually interesting projects! There are some tricks.

If you take a closer look at the works of outstanding contemporary 3D artists, you will notice that they work out all details very seriously. Often it comes to the fact that they come up with stories about their works. They create a special world where all the creations are an essential part of it. It’s not a waste of time, because during such an “entry into the real world” you can easily catch all the excessive details and see what is missing.

harley-davidson heritage

As it’s known, detailed development takes a lot of time. Here we come across a “major currency” of all professionals – time. You need time to learn as well as you need time for the project. Time, time, time.

As the matter of fact, it is the biggest barrier on the way to professionalism. There is the large amount of information and time of human’s life is limited. So it scares people off, that for the thorough study of the computer graphic they have to sacrifice some free time. That is way there is the only way – to spend your time rationally.

There are many “fashionable diseases”, from the anime dependence to the fatalism syndrome. Nevertheless, the most pernicious is procrastination. This is a people’s tendency to put off all the important things to a later time. You have to complete an urgent project, but you are sitting and doing other “important” things, such as viewing latest news or trying to open a can with a slipper and two spoons. Moreover, you can’t name a person just a sluggard. There are many reasons of procrastination. One of them is when the person refuses to rest for a while and then labor productivity falls because he begins to search for the relaxation in “urgent cases” described above. If there is no progress in your work just take a break, you don’t have to force yourself. Then start a struggle with new forces. Always go back to work and don’t put it off to indefinite time.
Time management is a great help. You should plan your day. You should learn to separate your time for work and time for relaxation. The human body reacts to the regime. It is like a reflex.

There is what we have, let’s put an end to our conversation. In order to become a brilliant professional, a 3D artist of the 80th level, the greatest specialist and just a good master at your craft you need to work on yourself. You need to keep to your way and do not hesitate. One day you will wake up and see that you’ve become a real virtuoso. We hope you can do this.

Have a good render!

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