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  • Tools: Maxon Cinema 4D, Maxwell Render, Photoshop
One of my happiest childhood memories is the annual journey to italy for the summer holidays. Every year, after a very early start in the morning, my Dad used to make a coffebreak in the first roadside restaurant in italy, just beyond the border on an alpine pass. While he ordered coffee, I watched the cars passing by. And then it happened. It started with that very unique sound of a air-cooled flat six. So different than any other car. The acceleration seemed effortless when it drove past the window and I fell in love for the perfect car. The Porsche 911. Reimagined by Singer.

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  1. Good work, the only thing I dislike a bit is the composition, because the car in the picture is very small. It would be much better if you reduce the area of the image.

  2. Looks great. Good job man!

  3. Model looks nice and I like that car. I´m getting a feeling that this car is not fitting into that environment and feels like it´s just copy&pasted in Photoshop. It could be contrast different but I think the environment is really noisy but the car is not.

  4. Thanks for yor comments. It actually was my intention to not show the car too big. Wanted the atmosphere of the location work together with the car.

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