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59 Impala Lowrider

  • Author:
  • Tools: 3ds Max, Photoshop CS6, Vray, HDR Light Studio

As I was growing up, I was highly interested in the lowrider scene. I watched as my uncle helped create them, went to the shows to watch the cars dance, and saw the beauty that can be created with a simple car.

When I was watching the lowriders around me in El Paso, it was a 59 Impala just like this one that sparked my interest when I was young. It brought me into the scene.

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  1. Very nice job on the details. From the classic white wall tires, the shine from the light, the background, chrome detail, and so much more.

  2. Love this car! This is not a photo? Wow!!

  3. Thank you guys! Glad you both enjoyed it!

  4. Nice work man. I’m a 3D CAD modeller myself, so I appreciate the work in that thing. I have a 64 Chev lowrider currently in progress. I went looking for 3D CAD models to play around with colours etc. but couldn’t find any. I thought about modelling one but decided it was too much work… so good one ya Dave, great work.
    From Gav in Aus.

  5. i think u use evermotion scene ?

  6. I wish, because that would have saved me hours of work, but I can’t afford evermotion scenes. I work as a chef lol

  7. David, you’re great. You finally made it to the big time. He is a great artist. He was told in High School, his art work was childish. See Miss Art Teacher, drawing weapons, logos and cars has taken him further than you did. Live the dream David, your talents are endless.

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