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  • Tools: Substance Painter, Maya, Arnold, Nuke
In the future, Oil is a finite resource. All easilly obtainable sources have been drained dry. In order to gather enough fuel to launch an interstellar mission in search of new sources a gigantic mining laser was built and set to work blasting holes into the earths crust in the most inhospitable parts of the world. This paved way for the StarDust company to roll in with their 3d printing fleet to set up a safe base of operations. This caused widespread destruction and chaos to many parts of the world. A band of rebels from all nations decided that enough was enough, and they took matters into their own hands. After fixing up the de-commissioned Endeavour space shuttle they launched a mission to destroy the oppressive laser once and for all. Once inside the behemoth they set to work on the feul systems in an attempt to make it self destruct, Little did they know that their foolish uneducated attempts to tamper with technology far in advance of their own comprehension lead to a malfunction. The space laser is now burning through its 25 year supply of feul in a matter of minutes, turning this once useful tool into a deadly weapon.
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  1. Damn, that looks great! Loving the Earth as well

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