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Advanced Multi Purpose (AMP) Rover

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  • Tools: Blender 2.82, Cycles, GIMP

When the first probes and explorers set foot on Marina IV around 15 years ago, the harsh cold climate was just one of their problem. The giant towering icicle clusters spread mostly on the planet surface were not merely environmental decorations: they were badly hampering communication signals. Reportedly missing probes and observation teams were soon became common problems, even led some to believe that the planet was cursed, before the real culprit could finally be found. Demolishing the icy towers seemed to be too much waste of resources, as the stalagmites structures were difficult to destroy due to their extraordinary hardness. Their exact origin was still a debatable matter up to present days. Since then, signal booster mounted on vehicles, ships and bases became a more feasible choice.

Conflict with the ruthless Black Rim pirate was the time the AMP Rover rose as one of the key elements in achieving victory in battle. Due to its strategic position near the lucrative Golden Route, Marina IV had always been a favourite outpost of both the pirate and the Imperial fleet, constantly changing ownership during the clash. Signal intelligence vehicles were a must in battles around the planet to maintain control and contact with allied forces, as well as became a prime target for the enemies, either to destroy it completely or to take them over.

Its unique separable catamaran body design allowed it to be fitted to various purpose: medium transport, weapon platform, and the most used one as mobile radar station. The vehicle bodies can be each operated individually separated from the others (one was directly manned while the other was operated remotely), or joined together via the central platform. Seen here is the latest version of the vehicle in complete assembled form equipped with the weather control array at the central platform - the one technology that helped ending the conflict within the second year by setting the unsuspecting main pirate forces into a blazing heat in their own base.

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