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My name is Ramees and I live in Qatar. A tiny nice country in the Middle East.

I am very excited to take part in this interesting challenge. It's a fascinating topic to root on, especially when the world is dealing with the pandemic and not everyone can travel and see around the world.

I decided to enter the competition and take this as an opportunity to create this beautiful tower in Qatar - The Aspire Tower.

It is also called as the Torch Doha or the Sports Tower.

It is a 300 meter tall Skyscraper designed by Architect Hadi Simaan. It was a Landmark of the 2006 Asian Games held in Doha.

The place is known as the Sports City of Qatar as it holds various games and the stadium behind the tower is one of the stadiums which will host the 2022 Fifa world Cup.

I wanted to reimagine the way the tower will look in a dramatic manner, and intensify its beauty. The tower is a metal structure on the outer layer composed of light layers that often produces advertisements and announcements.

Special prize from Corona Special prize from Nevercenter team

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