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Why this car is my childhood hero? I think it's obvious because Bond, James Bond. First time I saw Aston Martin DB5 in movie “Golden Eye” in 1997 and straight away I was sure that it will be my favorite car for ages and not just because it is simply glorious but mainly because it is Bond’s car. Although I have to admit that I prefer it in color "British racing green" rather than silver so that's way I chose that one on my render :)

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  1. BOND, and his Aston’s, great work /got to say Daniel is best/ like you varied the colour

    • I have the same opinion about Daniel. Thanks a lot ;)

      • Super that we are on the same line, by the way did you see my mustang)

  2. No I haven’t seen. Send me a link ; )

  3. Mustang 2030 concept here in the competiton

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