This years was pretty tough for everyone. But I think we should all look forward to the positive times that are to come and not only the negative ones. The times in which we are allowed to live our lives as we were used to like going to movie theatres or museums with our loved ones. This is what this image stands for.
Special prize from Chaosgroup

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  1. Great work!! Classy and very well executed….
    I have an entry in the contest as well (today I Drive…)
    Best of luck!


  2. Well dome mate!! For me this is the winner this year

  3. Thank you guys :)

  4. Congratulations ! Respect !!!

  5. This is some pretty nice results here. Well played.
    I am curious about the weakness of his modeling WIP and the fact that he probably used a porsche from his previous challenge.

  6. Congrats, a beautiful Render! But like mentioned – why is the modeling WIP so weak?

  7. My main focus was to create a spot on image not a spot on WIP. Yes, the WIP is a little weak but i will update it soon with additional images. Yes, it is the Porsche from the challenge 2019 but there is nothing wrong to use it in the background. It was something of the idea to show it like this. Thats what the numbers on the cabins are for… I also said and showed that in the forum in an earlier stage of the project. But… thanks anyway :)

  8. Cool visualisation of the glass and lighting.

  9. Hey man! What a beautiful render! but what is WIP?

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