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Hello guys,

Today I am really excited to show to all the loyal fans and customers of ALMD TECH a glimpse of the past.

The founder of our company was such a gear head to the point where some would call him a mad scientist, this craze was too intense that he had several close calls with death which resulted him naming the company ALMD TECH which stands for ALMOSTDEAD TECH.

I recently came across this post in social media with many tagging me. Many of you wont recognize this vehicle because its one of the first gen of flying vehicles made for F7 SKY racing series in 2035 which was like 110 years ago.

110 years ago an era where people where moving away from combustion engines to battery tech, our founders wanted to pay a finale tribute to a dying breed of tech ,they made this beauty with 2 powerful engines, a crate GODZILLA engine and a powerful auxiliary franklin engine.

This vehicle after winning 3 world championships retired to the ALMD museum in 2050 and then after 3 decades with stolen by a group and never to be heard of, now after many decades we get a glimpse.

All stories have a good ending so last month we put a small crew to hunt down this beauty where it rested all these decades and have brought it back to our HQ here in DC. We have more studio shots in the WIP link ENJOY AND CHEERS DAN, CEO

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