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Collector’s loft

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  • Tools: Rhinoceros, Vray

Ferdinand Porsche set a new benchmark in car design. Starting with the early Porsche 356 in 1948, developing the 550 Spyder and arriving at the state of art 911 (991) Carrera S Coupe.

Porsches have always been items of admiration for my part. The specific design DNA defines a specific and recognizable aesthetics.

I imagine the loft of a Collector with the 911 parked inside of the living space. It creates a kind of an unusual dynamic image, reminding us of superheroes like Batman with their beloved vehicles in the cave.

Once I visited a CG company in Bergen, Norway, whereby one of the owners took me with his car to visit their office in the harbour. He parked directly inside of the office and when I stepped out I had to be careful not to hit one of the other working guys there with the door. I thought this concept (not the door hitting) was quite unique.

When I grow up, I will get a 911 myself too.. It is good to have dreams, after all!

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  1. Great composition, love the props and lighting…

  2. Thanks Aeron. I would love myself to live in a space like this… The car would be a nice bonus as-well, hehe. Jan

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