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  • Tools: 3DS MAX, Vray, Photoshop
This depicts a WRC VW Polo Rally in the shop during a chassis set up procedure using hub stands and scales to set static weight balance as well as allow mechanics to dial in exact toe-in camber and caster angles. The fixtures on the car allow reference lines (strings) so that the chassis elements are aligned to the chassis itself rather than to any other references. What's legendary is the level of detail teams go to to shave fractions of a second of of stage or lap times.
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  1. so you are ALSO here…. ! We shall meet on the battlefield!
    The best of luck! As always, flawless render!

  2. Wow this has a lot of work. Love all the small details, all has been carefully placed.
    Breath taking work.

  3. This work is one of the pretendents for a winner:) Niceness!

  4. Well done Russ.
    Amazing work and I like the little detail of the Mexican co-driver ;-)

  5. Great details! But really flat lighting and so lacks depth. Would love to render such scene in more atmospheric conditions. Good potential anyway! Good luck)

  6. whow, impressive work russ!

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