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Dead End

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  • Tools: Zbrush, Keyshot, Affinity Photo

As he sits on the ground looking at the hologram of The Great City in despair, he began to wonder what the problem actually is. Is it that his intelligent friend couldn’t fix the GPS or could it be that he drove through the wrong direction.

It’s been 40 yrs since the total wipe out. All of earth was destroyed due to the discovery of what was called ‘JJ’, a new type of substance. The substance was so powerful enough to provide technological advancement that would have happened within 10yrs in a single day. However,mankind’s thirst for power over ‘JJ’ destroyed the world before it could even be put to use.

For over 35yrs now, everybody is in search for ‘JJ’ with different mind sets.As the popular saying goes”He who gets ahold of ‘JJ’ rules the world”, well, that is one way to say it, but actually,finding ‘JJ’ is one thing, keeping and protecting it is another thing.

That is why nobody can afford to make mistakes. Mistakes like making an unreturnable journey just to get stuck on a mountain or faulty GPS or wrong navigation can cost you your life......or worse.

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