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  • Tools: Modo, Quixel, Unreal 4

Hum3D team: The work was submitted in the last minutes. Our apologies for the delay with publishing and problems with timer.

I created this using the game design workflow and restrictions as they are most familiar to me. The car was modeled in modo, textured in Quixel's killer SUITE 2 and rendered in Unreal 4. It's ready to be animated and I can't wait to tinker around with that! Final model is just under 40K triangles with 4K maps. Also a special thanks to Elijah McNeal for the concept.

Thanks for checking it out!

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  1. Unreal Engine Viz. A great one. Jan

  2. I like this vehicle with the desert environment the sky background and camera render gives it a fish-eye look. Even if was the model and just a plane shape, either way it looks great.

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