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  • Tools: 3DS Max, PhotoShop, ArtRage
My hero story is a little different from the average. While most kids had pictures of Batman or Spiderman on their walls, my posters were of characters such as Freddy Krueger, Jason, and the Predator. I loved futuristic sci-fi and horror and especially a blend. I never had a singular favorite, so this is a blend of what I would have wanted as a single hero. What you see here is a blend of Adam’s Family humor, a vehicle body style that has always been my favorite since I first saw the monster truck Grave Digger, a dark undertaker style driver, wrapped in a flying system from sci-fi movies such as The Fifth Element. My hero lives in the future where technology makes his job of harvesting antique jewelry more practical. After all, you can’t lift a 600 pound concrete vault lid without a portable tractor beam. Not to mention, he doesn't actually hurt anyone. He is just goes with the “recycling” trend by taking what would otherwise be wasted.

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  1. Love the style man. Great blend of futuristic and old school technology :-)

    • Thx Moxy :)

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