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I have always been interested in cars, ever since I was a kid playing with my matchbox models. I'd often watched rallying on TV but when I got my own car I decided I wanted to go and see it for real. So I jumped in my car with a couple of mates and drove from the south to the north of England to watch what was then called the Lombard RAC rally (a round of the world championship). We found the location, parked the car and started wandering through the forest to find a good place to watch. We came upon a track but wasn't sure if it was the actual course. As we were deciding what to do we could hear the roar of an engine approaching in the distance, then there was the sound of whistles blowing. All of a sudden seemingly out of nowhere, Carlos Sainz literally flew past us in his Celica. The wheels of his car were about level with my chest and he must have been approaching 100mph. We spun around on our feet to see him land 20m or so past us, then just watched in awe as his flame spitting tailpipe disappeared through the trees. That was it, I was hooked. Rallying has been my favourite motorsport ever since and this is why this Celica is my legendary car. Thanks for this competition, which has been a fantastic opportunity to realise an image that has been in my head for over 20 years.

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  1. Sounds like your are a true fan, awesome work by the way! So realistic. Hope that’s you driving it this time.

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