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Hi there :) In my opinion, the most legendary car of all time is Ford Mustang GT. When I was a child I had poster with the most legendary cars of 20'th century. There were a lot of beautiful vehicles, but one day I felt in love with this one - Ford Mustang GT 390 '67. This famous muscle car starred in many movies. For example, Bullitt (1968), where Steve McQueen drove the green Mustang Fastback GT 390 and chased bad guys in the streets of San Francisco. This legend does not die. In 2000, after 32 years, Nicolas Cage in Mustang GT500 Shelby Eleanor is running away from cops in remake of Gone in 60 seconds. So I decided to put these two Mustangs GT in one picture with legendary LA River landscape in the background. I don't hide that setting this scene was inspired by a race in Grease movie ;) Moreover, the reason why I was interested in 3D design as a child, was this particular car. I wanted to model it, viewing from all sides, imagining about driving it and feeling like those movie heroes. I think it's body shape is still attractive and the legend of this car will never die. I hope that one day I will have a real Mustang, even if it is 289 c.i version xD P.S. Don't forget to play 'War - Low Rider' while watching this render ;)

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