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The Free Autonomous Republic of Dieselville

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  • Tools: 3ds max, Corona Renderer, Substance Designer, Photoshop

Hello stranger!

This is a flyer from the Dieselville Tourist Office.

The Free Autonomous Republic of Dieselville has been traveling for more than 3 years without a single day of rest. In this land of solitude, our Republic is a harbor of life, hope and manliness.

We house water, fuel, food, an emporium, multiple gardens, a stable and a tanning terrace. 7 families are currently hosted in the Republic for a total of 26 people. This includes our Driver in Chief and President, Hoover Hernando Jr.

The Republic prides in its motto: In freedom, we are unstoppable. Until now, this has been true for every single mile we traveled.


Hey guys, I wanted to explore a little bit outside of the usual post apocalyptic image made of rust, nukes, sand and weapons. This is my moving town, wandering a calmer world where a person is a sight of relief, more than a worrying one.

Hope you like it!

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  1. good job

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  3. Winner! Stunning idea and quality! :O

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