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From darkness fires rise

  • Author:
  • Tools: Blender, Makehuman, Materialize, Quixel Suite, Photoshop

Yu: Zeleniy.
Yu: Zeleniy.
Yu: I need help!
Zeleniy: And I told you, Morgan, it wouldn't end well...
Zeleniy: *grumbles with displeasure*
Zeleniy: On my way, hold on!

Here is my work, a sudden crossover on the Soviet cartoon "the Mystery of the third planet" (1981) and the game "Prey" (2017).

In the course of experiments hold on Soviet station "Dostoevsky" with the recently found by Morgan substance on planet Ganymede and named "Gravitron" received its name in view of its properties, there comes a disaster. Part of the staff who had direct contact with the substance was exposed to mutations, awakening an indescribable hunger for all energy resources in any form. Even to human warmth.

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