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  • Tools: SketchUp 8.0.15158, REALLUSION (R) 3DXchange & iClone, Graphics Software, Video Editing Software

FICTION: Carriages became cars. Rocks became metals, became motors driving to worldly places driven of people in a subservient role presuming themselves superior. Robots became to make the cars, and then became the cars. Robot cars with internet access, monitoring and learning at incredible speeds. Robot trucks carrying cargo traveled the highways, and robot air vehicles flew in the sky. Robot ships crossed the oceans, and robots entered households.

We began with concepts of big wheels and a big distance beneath the undercarriage for driving over boulders in places where roads fear to go. An area for storage of gear, or to sleep in if necessary. We'd use an electric motor design, and did rough sketch of disc brakes and shock absorbers.

Added chassis supports front and rear to protect wheels. Pulled off doors to make interior. New steering wheel design needs testing for safety practicalities. Became sick sneezing and mucous, feeling miserable and wanted to quit, but due date approaching and continued. Need to add side mirrors and trailer hitch, then coloring. Perhaps will make 2 variations, and add terrain setting.

Returned to normal steering wheel. Colored all the parts. Shortened the design for the Hers & His versions. Made garage, and put both in garage set. Lit with seven lamps. Fiction story continued: The night of the Thanksgiving holiday with the motor vehicles in the garage, peace and quiet permeated the rafters. It was a quiet night until 3 a.m. when robots emerged from various places and began partying. Paranormal activity was excessive in the garage and in the house. The people occupants were paralyzed in hell dreams, tuck in between blankets on the bed. The partying raged on for two hours, and then the weary robots began to return to the normal occupations, pretending to be the refrigerator, the washer, the dryer, the computer and the TV. The motor vehicles slept in the garage, thenkful to not be out on the streets. The morning dawn appeared at the horizon, and became a spectacular show of splendors. Birds watched the show appreciatively.

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