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Hippie Trail

After the third World war a few Hippies survived, joined up and took their half broken cars and combined them to makeshift a new vehicle. So rose a new survival car out of an old VW Beetle, VW Van and an old tank.

To their aims counted to explore the nearly destroyed and now half uninhabited world, to find new biospheres and make peace.

The years passed but they found no such a place in the world, no matter how far they drove. So they moved on and so the once makeshift vehicle that was meant for transition became the new home for years on. And the engine worked and works still today.

Until one day in the deep boggy forest the bog was too deep to go through and like you can get stuck in life, they got stuck. Despite the best designed vehicle for surviving and the best plan to survive on, you can still get stuck.They took a photo of their stalemate.

But as you know the journey of life ends at a dead end so the discoverers let the vehicle stand till they find help to go further in life and their desire for freedom.

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