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  • Tools: 3dsMax, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Vray, Adobe Photoshop
Scraps of phrases drive the wind along the asphalt ... Fear covers the sweat of the forehead ... But today again we remember that danger lies in wait for us everywhere. The dead world, like the cross that we carry. The empty roads, empty roads to nowhere, count the steps ... Heart beats and the sun on the horizon beckons into the distance and we walk past the ruined buildings, but it's safe to move only at night, it's better to stay in the basement during the day. On the surface, mutants lie in wait, and a river carries radioactive waters. Post-apocalypse in a fashionable city ... We walked along the same road, our claims and reproaches ... we do not seek any more meaning in life. Only simple things are accepted. And where will we find our way, my friend? Perhaps in another episode of this series, and here around the zombies and hell somewhere nearby, but I'll never fall in love with this insane dead world ... There are everywhere desert landscapes. And buried alive in concrete boxes, as an illustration that life is short and this crimson sunset, the sun goes over the wastelands. And let people hurry on business, because without a chance ... Everything ends the same way, life will untwist you and leave you on the sidelines, although everything is spoiled, you take your feet in hands and try to crawl forward! Live among the dead! And at first step, and then run you tried to hide from yourself, but dastardly thoughts in your head sit and do not let you tear yourself away from reality! The world has died a long time, it's post-apocalypse we are fragments of the past on the ruins of the dead world!
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