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  • Tools: Maya, Substance painter, Unreal, Photoshop
This weapon is used for tough purposes. It is crafted by the wood from sacred tree of spirits to have the stability, flexibility as well as the wisdom, it's bowstring is made from the metal used in aircraft used in 10,000 BC by the gods who ruled the great moon. This weapon can be wielded by the person who has the power and who's the soul is pure. Only the person who's the heart and will work for the weak, will have the power to use this Bow. The bow was created with the meditation and sacrifices of great monks, they build it when the great Pangaea was threatened by devil demi-gods who were going to destroy the great continent. This is an ancient weapon and is specially designed so no bad soul can consume or use it's power.

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  1. Nice.. the wooden material really suits the sleek design while the big chunky parts balance it out. Cool ?

  2. The Great Pangaea was 330 million years ago.. it broke around 175 million years ago… get your timeline correct…

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