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JEEP driving through muddy forest road

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  • Tools: Houdini, Cinema 4D, Redshift, Megascans, Speedtree

In my ever continuing journey to make shots in 3D that would have been much easier to shoot in real life, I present: A jeep driving through a muddy forest road.

This is intended as a video, but I figured I might try to submit it as a still render for this contest as well since I'm pretty happy with it; Although it works better when viewed as a video.

Car rigged and animated in cinema 4d. Simulations in Houdini, everything rendered in Redshift for Houdini. Textures and 3d scans from megascans and some bushes/trees from speedtree.

The JEEP model is from the Chrysler CG learning toolkit back in 2007, but i've done custom shading on it.

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