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  • Tools: Blender, Substance Painter, Makehuman, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop
I wanted to create funny mad max style concept and I had idea to create Max Verstappen's Red Bull in this style,because he is known for his aggressive driving style )).
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  1. Wonderful texturing work – I always adore when see what is possible to do with even most simple surface thanks to Painter :) As competition I can’t say that your work is amazing, contain great idea (I had idea with Mad Max style too at beginning ) and texturing forced me to write that comment…but I can write “not bad” ;)
    Have you saw wastelandweekend website :D? its awesome

  2. JurandM Thanks for your constructive critique.I tried to make realistic paint worn effect on the car.However I had to decrease textures quality for some objects, because my hardware could not cope) and I had to optimize it.

  3. Excellent work Christoph glad you were able to finish and do well my friend. Your texturing and attention to detail are fantastic! Have a Happy New Year!

  4. Awesome work! Great mishmash of vehicles in a well composed scene! Only one thing I would pick out is that the tire text are on the same angle, other than that, brilliant!!! I’m working on something similar and was wondering what your process and settings were for the dust particles and the dust Substance textures. Feel free to email me if you like at twistedpancreas”AT”hotmail.com

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