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  • Tools: Autodesk Maya, Arnold, Nomad Sculpt, Photoshop

In a charming workshop, a devoted inventor dedicated countless hours to crafting a music box for his cherished daughter. The Melody sphere, fashioned from brass and copper, displayed a mesmerizing array of gears and cogs that turned and clicked in perfect harmony.

Within the melody sphere, he placed a special music scroll that played a lullaby composed by his wife. This sweet and soothing melody enveloped the room with a sense of warmth and solace.

Each evening, as the inventor's daughter drifted off to sleep, she wound up the melody sphere and immersed herself in the enchanting music that filled her dreams with a sense of magic and wonder. As the music played, she felt the embrace of her mother and father's love, encircling her and keeping her safe and sound in the world they had created for her.

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