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  • Tools: 3DS Max, VRay, Substance Designer, After Effects, Photoshop
"it has been almost 35 years since the last time it rained... this world is becoming a place you don't wanna live in... lucky for us that we found some food and gas in this abandoned town... right now I really am not sure if we are able to reach Mermac... old legends say that it's located on the most southern part of the continent... but we've been traveling without stop for the last five days... we have to wear these mask to hide our true identities from the rest of the people, so that nobody knows the facts of our mission... Roxxi is getting impatient... I think that she is loosing her faith in our cause... we've bee together for more than ten years... if we could find a map to know the exact location of Mermac, it will make this journey more pleasant... but right now I have to stop complaining... we need to move fast before the sun goes down... let's hope we don't encounter more creatures in our way... we're running out of ammo... and I need to find more cigarettes... I only have three more left... it's time to go..."

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