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The kids are well off by themselves with their families and the house is quiet. You get up from your couch with slight aches on your knees and thighs. You wonder how time flies so fast. You climb up into the attic another time to clean up old belongings.

Old memories here and there and you sift through various mementos of your children when they were babies. You look back up to see a chest your father passed down to you from generation to generation and you decide to take a look one more time.

Some old books, photos and some knickknacks flush your mind with history of your family tree. One thing catches you eye. You pick up the framed case containing an old revolver. It’s hard to see so you wipe some of the dust to get a closer look. You mind flushes with memories of your father talks of war stories of his past. Overwhelmed with emotions, you hold the frame towards your chest in a moment of silence.

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