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Orthrus – concept of energy rifle

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  • Tools: 3ds max, Vray, Photoshop
This is DEW concept. Not bullets at all. Idea is to use double barrels in body while energy packs are held by 2 sockets on the sides. When one of them is depleted, jammed or removed, system use another one. Batteries are exchangeable. Standard equipment includes display with information about actual status of system and batteries on both sides. Body is equipped by laser led for aiming and led light in front mask. All work has been done in 3ds studio max. Model is complete high-poly. As rendering engine I used V-ray. Final edit has been done in photoshop where I slightly edited brigthness and colors, added sharpness, black border, welded profile picture in the top and text in the corner. I did this concept in 2013 (it is posted here: http://peterku.deviantart.com/gallery, but this render from this angle and with this composition is fresh and I made him just now.

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