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  • Tools: 3dsMax, Vray

My name is Bruno Moreira. I am an artist specializing in 3D rendering and automotive modeling.

I am freelancer, but I accept proposal for companies to work fixed.

I have four years of experience in 3d modeling and rendering in Vray and Keyshot. I started working with modeling products for architecture 5 years ago. Chair, generally. Then I started to model cars and I'm doing it to this day.

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  1. Hello Bruno!
    Is this your model or it is one of the models from the internet because I am kind of sure that I saw the model on the internet.
    Is it a remesh or is 100 % modeled by you?

    Kind regards,
    Martin/Luxion, Inc

  2. Hi Martin ; everyone can use a free model or purchase model for the contest
    are you mean this model used without permission of the original author ?

  3. this model was 100% done for me. I have all his modeling process on my facebook page. At the time I did I had a hard time finding blueprint because the car had just been released. I have the date of my posting on Facebook that proves it. Thanks for asking.

  4. nice work!

  5. 28 december 2013?

  6. AlexAndRiEL, the model was started

  7. great job

  8. Is it me or the rear wheels look waaaaay to thin? It’s a shame because it’s a great render.

  9. Nice ! Good Luck !

  10. The background is from ArchExteriors by Evermotion. Don’t the rules disallow such things?

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