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Planet Explorer Encounter – SOL 42

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  • Tools: 3d Studio Max, Vray, Substance Painter, Megascans and Photoshop

SOL 02 - Shortly after landing, the crew picked up an alien distress signal coming from a large crater 550 clicks NE from HAB base. RT01 and RT02 set out on a mission to GPS co-ordinates of the signal. SOL 30 - RT02 overheats and returns to HAB Base on spare batteries.

SOL 42 - RT01 arrives at the GPS co-ordinates. What they encounter is a massive alien structure floating above a crater. Possibly the floating is caused from the strong magnetic field emitted from the crater paired with unknown alien technology from the tower. SOL 42 - to be continued...

I've always been fascinated by anything Sci Fi. I wanted to challenge myself by modelling the rover from "Prometheus" The RT, designed for exploring an alien world.

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  1. Epic! Good luck :).

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