Come and enjoy the new GT2RS Porsche during the PORSCHE CLUB DAYS. A nice day to try and drive this new racecar on the racetrack!

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  1. Absolutely amazing work Aurélien! For my opinion one of the best pictures right here – wish you good luck!

  2. Thank you Micha! I wish you good luck too ;)

  3. Awesome work, good luck

  4. Beautiful render :) Did you model the car yourself or did you used cad model from somewhere? It’s obvious that it’s cad model, so clean and sharp. :)

  5. Hi Paul, thank you, no it is a polygonal model;) and a generous donation from Thomas F.

  6. Indeed that work is beautiful executeed.
    But what about 1st rule of this competition?
    “Create a car 3D model, add 3D environment. Then create a beautiful 3D rendering of it (or them). Think creative.”

  7. It’s up for the judges to decided if that is alright or not… I just never seen polygon model so clean in reflections, or did you corrected some of it in post? I’m really curious to know as I wan’t to be able to achieve something similar in my renders :) Cheers

  8. I don’t understand that you don’t believe me when I’m telling you it is not CAD, polygonal modeling with good thinking can also deliver pretty good results.To answer your second question, the reflections were not corrected just the carpaint and general rendering was pushed and tweaked in comp.

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