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Porsche Spyder 918

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  • Tools: 3ds Max, Corona

This is one of the most sexy cars out there! Design of this Porsche is just unbelievable. In my opinion, of course. And fortunately i got really nice model of it to make good pictures.

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  1. In my personal opinion the best rendering in the competition.

  2. Thanks a lot, Raf! Glad you like it!

  3. yep I agree :)

  4. i agree im in this competiton as well but this render is fucking insain! gratz you have already won ;)

  5. Sebastian ladan:

    I wouldn`t be so sure bout this! There are some really great renders here.

  6. There should be an automobile or another similar vehicle in your work and it should be clear for the jury what is so SPECIAL about it. Sorry, but for me, those works with simple automobiles renders, just like this , there are too many of those. Existing vehicles , what is so special about them? In my opinion this is not a photographic challenge, and not the advertisement first of all, but conceptual and creative.

  7. yolo : this is car “render” challenge ; it is not a modeling challenge

  8. Great shot! How long did it take to model this beauty?

  9. Great work, I love the car material and lighting

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