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It’s been nearly 20 years since someone was able to escape from this wretched walled in police state that we call home. I watched my parents scrounge for pennies as they struggled to buy rations and to remain in compliance with the growing regulations against technology. In the past century, fear consumed those who would allow it and technology became the highest priority target. Once the government realized that they could control the news even more once they controlled the available mediums through which to watch said news, the rest became history. I watched my parents live in fear and promised myself that it would never happen to me.

I found my first piece of contraband technology hidden inside the remains of what was once called a Mustang when I was 13 years old and reverse-engineered it to learn how it worked. Every year, I learned more and more until I could finally carry out my destiny. I live with my family and go through the same motions, day in and day out but my plan is finally coming to a head. Deep underneath the city streets while everyone sleeps, I prepare to join the real fight from the outside. I feel a gentle trickle of water on my neck and look down at my hand terminal, the timer was now notifying me that my escape vehicle was on its final print cycle. “5 Minutes remaining” it reads as I feel a surge of excitement and adrenaline rush through my body. Nobody here knows that there is a rebellion brewing outside of this city’s firm grasp. Nobody knows…but I do. Technology is my life and I’m now ready to change the world.

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