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Sharks reunion

  • Author:
  • Tools: 3ds max 2016, Substance Painter, Vray 3.0, Photoshop

I could say 'Once a shark, shark forever' - the old man thought, after standing by near the plane wreck - very special one, personal to him..

- Finding my special brother P-40 after so many years.... Juuuusssst like DE JAVU...

Being a pilot is something truly unique. I've spent best days of my life somewhere high there, up in the sky.

Golden years, years of heavy duty, but also passion and love from the first sight...

Now when world is facing new reality, when hunger changed into wide global problem... While people fight each other to survive and there's no more hope...

I'm still, I'm still HERE, lonely wolf, helping and protecting weak ones. Back from retirement to serve sharks army on the ground..

That one,


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