I always wanted to create a believable lunar surface and add some life to it. I was super happy when I got an email from your newsletter about Space Rover challange because that gave me additional motivation to start and finish one! Few months ago I went to NASA Museum and I was able to see on my own eyes objects and the technical equipment that was on the moon, that helped the mankind to get to a place that we as a human race were looking at for thousands of years. Its unimaginable to even think that we humans can put our mind to something and with enough persistence we will achieve it.

Kind regards everyone and good luck!

Special prize from Chaosgroup

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  1. I love the render quality!

  2. Beautiful image, shame about the reflection in the helmet, the shadows of the sun are completely wrong, perhaps a mapped photo?

  3. good job! but the shadow in the helmet reflection are wrong or different from the scene shadow.

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