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  • Tools: Modo 13.1, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom

I wanted to create something Stadium Super Trucks related since I first saw one of their races few years ago. The powerful small cars, the jumps in the middle of the roads, the huge travel of the suspensions on asphalt is one of the sweetest eye-candy for any petrol head out there.

I chose this particular car (Robby Gordon's) because he himself is a real legend already and his orange color car always grabs your attention on any racetrack.

I also wanted to show the brutal physics somehow of these vehicles but I couldn't come up with any proper single-shot composition, that's why I decided to make a sequence shot with a jump and corner.

Thank you very much for creating this contest! It was great fun to follow other artists' progress and create something exciting during regular weekdays.

Good luck everyone!

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