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  • Tools: 3D Max, Vray, AE
This is no doubt the legendary car. Legend as it is. The whole era of 60-70s is pure piece of inspiration. Enough to say that cars like this do not build anymore. But Stingray was unique in every single aspect. Built in 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Convertible had unusual body design, bold curved lines, great engineering decisions made this car king of the road. Interior of this car was not less unique and beautiful.The interior is like a soul, it reflect all the EGOs of it, all the point. Cars like this was made for love and passion. Just compare it with some nowadays VW golf (or something) interior and you will feel me. This is pure fire and courage especially in convertible body. This car served as an inspiration for many next generation of car designers and engineers and it continues to this day. Mad love and viva Stingray!
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  1. This artwork was published earlier. Am i right?

    • Hey there Katia! Where did you see this earlier? I’ve made this render exclusively for this competition. So this is not possible)

      • I ment car not render. Thought that we can’t show models made earlier nad shown on other sites like smcars.net? Good luck!

    • Model is just model, model doesn’t meant artwork)
      Good luck for you too)

  2. I had to read the rules again just to make sure, and Katia it does not state that the model has to be done exclusively for this competition.

    Den Brooks, always an inspiration! Def one of my favorite renders.

  3. Nice render, I just would add a little comment.
    The noise against the background with the aplied to car looks really artificial, in some areas looks excesive.
    Maybe I’m wrong but this render is like a dejavú I got the feeling that I have seen it before. Anyways good luck!

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