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Technology Novitatis

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  • Tools: Blender

Deep in the catacombs, in dark laboratories, ancient technical sages work and create new sophisticated weapons.

Nobody knows how old they are and where they came from. Almost no one knows where to look for them, and only a few turned out to exchange alchemical metals for drawings from them. In the world of steam, technology, war, and a booming economy, everyone is seeking to grasp a little of the knowledge from Technology Novitatis, which have been so named by world leaders.

In this musket, Novitatis collected a lot of useful modules that will simplify life on the battlefield to various units of the soldiers. Pneumatic crossbow, sharp blades, multiply charged drum will be useful to assault units, and powerful optics to snipers. And now the great minds once again finalize their offspring. But which of the empires will be able to use these weapons will once again decide themselves Novatatis...

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  1. Good job!

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