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The American Dream

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  • Tools: 3D Studio Max, Substance Painter, Forest Pack, Corona Render, Photoshop

It is likely that once upon a time, this car was someone's most prized possession. This car was loved and cared for and driven around the town with such pride and joy as it turned heads on every street corner rumbling past, widening the internal joy of the driver as the mighty machine roared as it accelerated.

Someone worked very hard to get their hands on this, to call this machine their own and worked limitlessly to keep it immaculate... but something changed. We can only speculate what happened, did the owner run out of money, perhaps moved away suddenly? We will never know for certain, but we can look at the remains and marvel at the amount of history the carcass has to share. Each little dent and scratch having its a story of its own. If it could speak, I'm it would tell us thousands of stories, road trips, cinemas, dates and many more...

Now all that remains is what was someone's dream a short time ago, falling apart leaving explorers to wonder about its history and how it came to be, left in a field to perish.

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