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The Insurgent The Deviant

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  • Tools: Blender, Substance Painter
The time is 2020, an outbreak broke out in the US and many died. Luckly residents of a large remote island survives the outbreak. However without access to the mainland, their supplies will run out quickly, a large proportion of the remaining survivors formed group and rebuilt their society, believing the government will never help them. 5 years later, the outbreak were finally neutralized and Insurgent forces were tasked to take control of the island, the residents of the island quickly knew and armed their men, treating the insurgent, the government forces as invaders, foreigners and shooting them on sight. Knowing this, the insurgent locked down the island and named all residents of the island as "Deviants", a war quickly broke out between the two factions and the leaders of both forces were told to stand their ground until their very last breath. Until then, the two finally came across each other, who will emerge victorious?

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  1. Hmm, something got wrong with uploading clay and render? Its different scenes

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