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  • Tools: 3ds max, Vray, Nuke, Fume fx, Marvelous designer, PS, Mari, Speedtree

Who hasn't watched Breaking Bad... I miss so much this show that I decided do render this famous (or infamous) car. Ugly as hell but it reminds so positive emotions, almost the same when I was watching this show for the first time. So this is my tribute.

Everything was model and texture from scratch. I have simulated some cloths in marvelous desingner. Dust and smoke done in fume fx. Also I'm planning to do some animation with this shot, almost everthing is animated ready. I will post some WIP progress soon.

Best luck to everyone! :)

Hires image without compression

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  1. wow this is an awesome artwork..Love it

  2. is it breaking bad kitchen ? nice work! good luck

  3. Excellent work!

  4. Amazing work! I like it!

  5. Beauty. Super cool dirt on the vehicle itself. Jan

  6. Great work! The model, textures and mood are awesome, good luck!

  7. You’ve accomplished a tough task here of creating an image that looks perfectly photographic but also moody and atmospheric-way to pull that off!

  8. Hello guys, thank you for your feedback:) I have posted some WIP progress in the description. Also I added a hires final image without ugly compression. Feel free to check it out:)

  9. Haha, i just saw the blue smoke from the top :))))) This is cool feature of excellent work in total.

  10. Like the desert environment to this.

  11. Thanks guys, I thought that blue smoke might be nice touch:)

  12. You’re welcome even if we’re not PR’s looking at some good work, even if we imagine ourselves as the judges with experience. Wish I could be part of a judging team like this but this 3D modeler wishes to work in the film industry.

  13. Excellent!

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