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  • Tools: 3ds max, Substance painter, Marvelous designer, Quixel mixer and megascan, Affinity photo, Forest pack pro, Fstorm render

Right at the brink of extinction, life goes on. There is this absence of finality, a nagging hopelessness. Could this be the last leg of the journey? Is tomorow still a possibility?

But there is also this desire to survive and the courage to deal with the harsh reality. With all the good excuses to stop and quit, the indomitable spirit of man screams to continue on.

The few survivors ask themselves, "can we just stop driving and die here, right now"?

"No", life seems to stubbornly answer back.

The resiliency of humans underlines the very meaning of life.

And so they check for gas in the pump and scavenge for food. They survive. They fight. This might as well be the last stop, but it's okay to hope for one more day. Maybe two.

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