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The Legend of 7707KW – Polskie Porsche


This render shows the Polish Porsche at the Costa Brava 1973 rally from the perspective of one of its participants.

The hero car of this render is the vehicle that Mr. Sobiesław Zasada raced in the driver`s sear, with (in this particular case) Mr. Ryszard Żyszkowski (who unfortunately died this year) as the pilot. I created this render as a tribute to them. Many rallies around the world have been won in this setup, but it is also interesting that during that period (which was a very difficult period for Poland), thanks to Mr. Sobiesław Zasada, who became the main Porsche factory driver, he managed to introduce Porsche into the world of rallies, which Ferdinand Porsche himself was skeptical about.

Interestingly enough, this car was found in 2018 in the form of a home-made Porsche 911 turbo (930), in a deplorable condition. Polish automotive journalist Patryk Mikiciuk bought this car for restoration, not really knowing what it is. Initially, the ABcar Oldtimers team, when renewing it, planned to take the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 model as a pattern, the legendary version of the 911 built for homologation purposes of the racing version. However, during restoration it turned out to be a real rally car and it had exactly the same assembly marks and signs of damage as in the photos from the old rally chronicles. The entire process of reconstruction of this vehicle has been practically completed, I encourage you to read it under the hashtag #polskieporsche.

As there are not many photos from this rally, and probably this vehicle has already finished its rally life when it is going into a well-deserved retirement, I decided to visualize what it could have looked like 50 years ago.

I wish good luck to all participants.

Special prize from Corona

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  1. Great work in progres and even better final render. Congrats Jakub!

  2. A very strong entry! I love the final image, but what really blew my mind was the underside of the car… Incredible amount of high quality details.

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