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  • Tools: Blender, SA Color Finesse 3, Photoshop CS6
The Muska is my vision of a legendary muscle car. I have always loved muscle cars in general, but I've always ended up liking only bits and pieces of the cars, front bumpers, rear bumpers, skirts, hoods, and so on. Never have I felt that there was a muscle car that had all the pieces in perfect harmony. So, therefore I decided to take up the challenge and make the best looking, and legendary :) muscle car I possibly could. I took a lot of influence from todays greatest and most beautiful muscle cars but also kept in mind that I wanted to make something plausible, realistic, but most of all, something I could still call my own. I tried to combine the old and the new in a different way. I wanted to make the car to look like it could have been built in the 1970's but still look like a classic today. Simple and subtle lines cover the entire body which keeps everything consistent, atleast in my opinion :) . I hope you enjoy the work that I've worked hard on, also, any kind of critique or suggestions for improvements are very warmly welcome!

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  1. wonderful piece of work!
    i can see some parts taken from a chevrolet camaro like the hood :D

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